Confronting Governance Challenges in the Nigerian Universities within the Context of Failing Economy

Dare Ezekiel Arowolo, Kolawole Ogunboyede


Human Capital Development is the fulcrum of development. It is therefore imperative that a lot of premium should be placed on capacity building. One of the institutions saddling with this onerous task is university. Universities are equipped with capacity and have human resource base to train individuals with a niche of specialisation. Such capacity however is deficient in Nigeria. The Nigerian universities are confronted with obstinate challenges crippling their capacity to deliver services. The paper identified the militating factors as having both endogenous and exogenous origin and insisted that the tottering economy of Nigeria contributed significantly to the capacity collapse and the falling standards of Nigerian Universities. It adopted content analysis as a method of data gathering and analysis. The main thrust of this paper is to examine these challenges with a view to proffering solution to adequately address them.

Keywords: Capacity, Development, Economy, Institutions, Services, Universities

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