A suitable Model for Formulating Technology Strategy (Case study: A Car Parts Manufacturer in Iran Khodro Company)

Ahmad Jafar Nezhad, Gholam Hosein Nikoukar, Marjaneh Habibi


Nowadays, technology has a great importance. Usage of technology has a significant impact on development and advancement of industry; hence, technology can be used for utilizing suitable opportunities. The purpose of formulating technology strategy is to optimized employment of technologies in order to achieve better position in the market and to save the costs of complicated structures in industrial businesses. Since formulating technology strategy and employing technology strategy models in industrial organizations face with ambiguous, current study attempts to evaluate technology strategy models and to compare them with industry circumstances and as a result, propose a suitable model. We therefore can guarantee the future of car parts manufacturers and help them to achieve competitive advantage. 


Keywords: Technology strategy, Strategy formulating approaches, Little model, Hax-Majluf’s model   

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v3i4.4246


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