Impact of Volunteer Work on Improving the Quality of Social Life from the Perspective of Social Work Specialists

Aref Alsehaimi


Quality of social life is a good aim for all components of civil and volunteer work in Saudi society. This study examined the impact of volunteer work on improving the quality of social life from the perspective of social work specialists in Saudi universities. The study used several indicators: The volunteer’s ability to build social relationships, build human capacities, and manage living life, as well as their sense of satisfaction and satisfaction of basic and social needs. Descriptive analysis of variables was performed on data collected from four Saudi universities: King Saud University, um Al-Qura University, Princess Nourah University, and the University of Hail; 180 social work specialists were randomly enrolled, including faculty members and male and female students. The results revealed that the general impact of volunteer work on improving the quality of social life was 2.44 ± 0.68 (mean ± standard deviation) and that the overall average of the role of social work in supporting volunteer work and improving the quality of social life was 2.35 ± 0.71. Civil society institutions should implement volunteer work programs that improve the quality of social, economic, health, and environmental life in Saudi society.

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