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Huge Promotions of the Top Online Sports Betting Site

by Royalty Brown (2018-06-11)

There are lots of online sports betting website on the internet. One of those sportsbook sites is the QQ828 Malaysia sportsbook website. This website is known for its sports gambling products and for the promotions and bonuses that it offers to the bettors. Some of its huge promotions and bonuses will be explained in this post.

Free VIP Level for Loyal Members

All regular members of QQ828 could upgrade their levels up to Diamond VIP level because of this promotion. By continuously playing for three months, 1 level will be upgraded to a certain bettor. After playing for 6 months, another level will be upgraded to a bettor and another level will be upgraded again to a certain member after playing for 12 months.

Extra Bonus 200% (EB200)

This promotional offer is applicable to all newly registered members of QQ828 with MYR currency. EB200 is applied to all products except for the live casino, Poker, Playtech, ISIN4D, and other sports and non-slot games. The maximum bonus for this promotion is MYR 700.

Welcome Bonus 20% (WB20)

WB20 is applied to all new members of this website that are using MYR currency. This promotion is applicable to all products except for the Poker, Playtech, e-Games, ISIN4D, TXBET, and QQKeno. The maximum bonus for this promotion is MYR 300.

Reward Point Lucky Draw

All deposit members of QQ828 could avail this promotion. In this promotion, 3 big rewards and 200 special prizes will be given in every raffle draw. One reward point is equal to one lucky draw ticket.

Join this top online sports betting website in Malaysia if you want to get all of these huge promotions. Every single one of these promotions could give you a lot of benefits so don’t hesitate to join QQ828.


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