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by Alana Martins (2019-11-17)

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This one is a refreshing and easy detox recipe that you can prepare in just 10 minutes, using just four LibidGel ingredients. Coconut water being a naturally refreshing drink consists of various minerals and vitamins that help replenish the electrolytes in the body which hydrates it and also keeps us fresh throughout the day. This detox water recipe has fresh mint leaves along with the sweetness of honey and tanginess of lime.

buttermilk with coconut waterYou are just four ingredients and 15 minutes away to attain bliss!2. Cucumber and Kiwi Juice

Here is a perfect blend of fruits and herbs along with the wonder summer vegetable- cucumber. Having close to 90% water, cucumber is known to be one of the most hydrating veggies out there and hence, it is the best choice to prepare detox drinks and summer quenchers!

cucumber and kiwi juiceTanginess of Thai ginger, cucumbers and kiwi topped with bean sprouts is the perfect one to detox.3. 3 Way Nimbu Paani

Apart from being the go-to summer drink for scores of people around the world, nimbu paani or lemonade or shikanji is one of the most delicious and easiest coolers to prepare at any time of the day. It is packed with the tangy lemon flavour and refreshing mint leaves accompanied with spices to add a boost of flavour and nutrition. Here is a 3 way recipe that you can prepare using lemon in a matter of just few minutes.