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Re: LibidGel Bula Funciona

by Alana Martins (2019-11-17)

In response to Indicators On young people in universities and their You Should Know

With its opulent mix of traditions, beautiful festivals, stunning architecture and picturesque landscapes, India is no less than a giant fair that has something for everyone, including a gastronomical treat that one can find even in the smallest corner of the country. It has some of the most distinct culinary inventions that roots back to traditional cooking techniques and ancestral recipes. While the global cuisines might have started to dominate a major part of Indian food space, our taste buds cannot simply get over the traditional delights we have.

There are many interesting food festivals thronging the city that never cease to take us back to our roots by serving some of the best regional Indian foods. That is exactly what the ongoing Rampur food festival at Blooms, Eros Hotel Nehru Place is doing. Curated by LibidGel Funciona Executive Chef Sudarshan Bhandari of Eros Hotel Nehru Place along with the finesse of Masterchef Suroor Khan, the hotel is bringing back the culinary legacy of a bygone era of Rampuri cuisine.