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A perfect house must be indispensable for the roof of the front yard because it is a part that gives your home a unique, impressive design and contributes to the aesthetics of the structure. Depending on the structure of the house you choose the appropriate roof. The roofs are installed with different shapes, structures, materials and colors to make the beauty of the house more appreciated.
Uses roof front yard

Like other types of roofs, the roof in front of the yard has the effect of covering rain, sun, air inlet to cool the house very effectively, protecting the house to keep it fresh in changing weather conditions. regularly. Not only that, the roof of the front yard also creates a unique space for your home. It is a place where you can relax with a cup of tea, a good book, ... after stressful working hours.
Notes on the design of a roof top in the house
Moderate roof design, neither too long nor too short

Too long a roof will obscure the facade of the house and reduce the aesthetics of your home. Besides, it will create a feeling of the house space lack of light, obscuring the architecture inside the house. However, you should not design the front yard roof too short because it will lose the structure of a perfect roof.

Danang mobile roof
Front porch roof makes the space cool and romantic
Should choose a color shade roof with walls or doors:

This design will create a sense of harmony for the home. It is best to choose the dark, just subtle colors, trendy shading good sun over time. If you want to accentuate the house, you should choose light colors.
The front yard roof design must be balanced with the house area:

Of course, the roof must be high enough and wide enough to cover the sun and rain without losing the house space. Each roof also needs enough ventilation to bring light to the house.
Material for covering the front yard

Currently, there are 3 types of roofs that are the most popular, namely Danang, mobile, wavy and fixed roofs. In addition, you can refer to the beautiful porch roof to make the house space more romantic and fresh.

In addition, the material commonly used to design the roof of the front yard is canvas or glass. Glass covered front yard is the choice for you but you want to enjoy the natural light without worrying about rain and sun. Besides, canvas front yard roof is a design trend of many families because of its versatility….

A perfect, airy space created by a beautiful front yard roof will be a great choice for you after the tired working hours. Besides, you can chat with your family under the roof of the front yard without worrying about any impact of the weather. So there's nothing else to do!

I wish you successful design of beautiful front yard roof!

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