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Getting eyebrows trimmed and set every month might be too tedious in your busy life. But there's no compromise on beauty, what has to be must be done to get the perfect look. The right eyebrows frame your eyes and define the bone structure, making you more attractive. So if there's a choice between the perfect look and a little pain, ladies you know what to do.

Are your eyebrows too thin, too thick or just not the right shape? All the plucking, threading and waxing doesn't help at all? If you feel that your eyebrows don't give you the look that you need, there's always the option of getting them tattooed. It's quite a normal procedure these days, one that many ladies have already experienced and give great references to.


Điêu khắc chân mày

These babies are the newest trend in the industry and you should really try this. You wouldn't have to spend hours applying mascara and cleaning the smudges after a while. These eyebrows are made using non-toxic dyes that in no way hinder the growth of new eyebrow hair. But we do recommend that you opt for temporary tattoo eyebrows. You may want to ask why you should get a temporary one when you get one that is longer lasting? Longer lasting is not the only factor that you have to consider, there are other reasons that make temporary tattoo eyebrows the better option. Just take a look at the cons of the permanent tattoo eyebrows and you'll get the general idea.

The Bitter Side

It can be quiet painful but it might depend on your pain tolerance level. The area around the eyebrows will be swollen and sensitive to the touch for sometime after the procedure. But with the temporary ones, just apply the eyebrows and press firmly. And hey presto! Your new eyebrows are ready. No pain and no more plucking out the excessive hair.

Alarming results after the procedure but the appearance will eventually get better in a matter of weeks. The final results are delayed which is quite opposite of a temporary tattoo. With them, you get a perfect look from the first day, no swelling or discoloring.

Expensive initial procedure makes sit quite difficult for some people to afford it, although the annual touchups are comparatively reasonable. These costs are cut quite low if you go for the temporary tattoos.

They are not exactly permanent, only longer lasting than the temporary tattoos. That's why they involve a semi-permanent procedure. The eyebrows may discolor over a period of time and touch ups will be required to keep up the smart look.

Bật mí cách tỉa lông mày đẹp cho nam giới

Keep the cons of permanent tattoo eyebrows and go for the smarter option that is temporary tattoo eyebrows. They are easy to apply and remove and don't cause the discomfort that permanent ones do. The smudge-free feature makes it the best product to get you the right shaped eyebrows. What's more appealing about the product is that it's also available for men. Why should women get all the beauty privileges? So visit and get your pair of fake eyebrows now. Look trendy!