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In the modern world, being eco friendly is now a large issue. People from different industries have realized the importance of becoming eco-friendly. Now, if we are using the expression eco-friendly, we wish to mean an industry that is using some alternative source of energy for its operation. As far as, the watch industry is worried, Citizen was one of the first to realize the importance of being eco-friendly and thus Citizen Eco watch came into the film.

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These timepieces are come under particular brand of watches in which the optimum utilization of different sources of energy is utilized. The differing types of Citizen Eco watch accessible are those that have light as the source of electricity, temperature difference as the power supply and some usage hybrid eco-drive movement.

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Since, in the majority of the cases, the watch becomes exposed to sunlight for a considerable amount of time throughout the time during the day, the secondary battery absorbs enough resources to push the watch. Moving into another kind of watches that is the one which uses the difference of temperature as the origin of power, we find in these cases, the gap of the temperature between the wearer's arm along with the surrounding environment is taken as the origin of a constant power once the wearer is wearing the watch in his or her hand. For the third sort of watch belonging to this course, hybrid technology is utilized.
In general the life expectancy of these secondary batteries is also very high and so these watches can certainly be relied upon.