Effects of Organizational Politics on Job Performance: Mediating Role of Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Commitment

Asad Afzal Hummayon, Rabia Shahid, Muhammad Ahsan Khan


Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Commitment. A detailed review of the literature was conducted in order to find out the factors that influence Job Performance. A self-administered questionnaire was used to collect the data from the respondents. This study was conducted in the banking sector of Pakistan. Total of 370 questionnaires was distributed among different public and private sector banks of Lahore, Pakistan. The overall turnover of 90% was attained i.e. 333 useable responses were received. SPSS and Amos were used for the analysis of the model. This study found that organizational politics is significantly related to job performance. Emotional intelligence mediates the relationship between organizational politics and job performance whereas, organizational commitment does not mediate the relationship between organizational politics and job performance. This study will provide guidance to banks that how they can improve their employee’s performance which directly affect the performance of their organization. Moreover, it is an obligation to the bankers to examine the emotional intelligence of the employees before their recruitment, it will directly help the process of hiring, and the right person for the right job is important for every organization specifically in case of high EI. This study contributes to the literature by adding a mediational effect of organizational commitment on organizational politics and job performance. And also examine the relationship of emotional intelligence between organizational politics and job performance.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijgs.v3i1.14437


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