Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on Banking Profitabilty

Lutfullah Lutf, Hafizullah Omarkhil


This study comparatively focuses on the impact of macroeconomic determinants and the internal indicators on bank performance. It comparatively evaluates the differential effects of macroeconomic variables and bank specific variables. Thus, considering five-five banks from each system, a comparative performance investigation between conventional & Islamic banks is the aim of this paper. To determine the short-run and long-run impact of these factors, co-integration & general to specific approach are adopted. This study also considers bank specific and macroeconomic variables in two separate models (Return on Assets and Return on Equity). Our objective is to find whether or not Islamic banks are performing well in the country as compared to their conventional counterparts. The results indicate that in the long run, Gross Domestic Product, and inflation, is positively related to performance, while Interest rate has no effect on the performance of banking sector in Pakistan. Similarly, bank size, capital adequacy, expenses, interest income and non-interest income are the bank related factors that significantly influence the performance of financial sector.

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