Implementing Learning Study in Developing Countries: Inhibiting Factors

Sydney Enock Msonde, Charles Enock Msonde


This study explored the inhibiting factors to the implementation of learning studies in Tanzania secondary schools. Three mathematics teachers formed a learning study to share their experiences on how to implement Learner-Centered Approach (LCA) in their school settings. Teachers were interview at the end of each intervention cycle on the prospects and challenges encountered in the course of implementing learning studies. Classroom observation notes were taken to supplement interview data. All of the qualitative data were analyzed using phenomenographic variation framework. The results show that isolative teachers’ working culture, high workload, low remuneration, time consuming nature of learning studies, and school curriculum old recipes were factors that inhibit the implementation of learning studies. We conclude careful attention should be taken to urgently readdress inhibiting factors for successful and sustainable implementation of learning studies in developing countries.

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