The Impact of Service Climate and Job Satisfaction on Service Quality in a Higher Education Platform

Abu Rashed Osman, Jashodhan Saha, Mirza Mohammad Didarul Alam


This study examines service climate and service quality through the mediating impact of job satisfaction within a tertiary education level in Bangladesh. The sample size of the study consisted of 140 faculty-members from four different private universities of Dhaka city and a structured questionnaire was designed to assess the service quality of higher education. Several statistical methods such as t-test, correlations and multiple-regression were used to analyze the data. The study discloses that the overall service climate has a significant positive impact on service quality. Finally, the study reveals that job satisfaction is partially mediating between service climate and service quality. This paper makes an outstanding empirical contribution by incorporating service climate and job satisfaction and exploring their relationships with service quality in the context of higher education. The overall results of this study would be valuable to the planners to formulate the pragmatic strategies for ensuring service quality through service climate and job satisfaction of faculty-members in the private tertiary level institutions. This is one of the rare empirical studies in this sector, and thus represents a unique contribution to the literature.

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