Minimizing Potential Issues in Higher Education by Professionally Developing University Teachers

Anam Siddiqui, Hassan Danial Aslam, Hafiz Muhammad Farhan, Adeel Luqman, Muhammad Arfan Lodhi




The major purposes of this paper is to firstly explore the relationship among three variables namely professional development of faculty members, teachers’ performance and quality of higher education, and secondly to provide solution to perceived issues and challenges faced by higher education system with the help of comprehensive model. Authors have deeply reviewed previous research studies conducted by researchers and have elaborated their views in connection with the current debate. This paper is purely qualitative in nature and authors have formulated comprehensive model that can be helpful for the policy makers and administrators of the higher education system. This comprehensive model clearly explains that if teachers are equipped with proper and well organized pedagogical as well as administrative training programs then their performance can be greatly improved which can further enhance the quality of education delivered to the students. Both pre-service and in-service professional development programs should be organized for faculty members that will improve their knowledge, skills and abilities, which in turn will further improve their academic, pedagogical and administrative job performance resulting the improvement of overall quality education. Moreover the relation that has been explored can be used to minimize many emerging problems, and perceived issues and challenges faced by higher education system. The model proposed by authors will be useful for policy makers who can then make better policies and can design improved procedures to enhance quality of education. Besides all this, the model is also helpful for management/administrators of higher education system to train and develop their faculty members on specified patterns to inculcate healthy learning among their students.

Key words: Professional Development of faculty members, Perceived Issues and Challenges to Higher Education, Quality, Quality of Education, Professional Development Programs, Performance of Faculty Members.

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