An Analysis of University Teachers’ Understanding about their Profession and Expectations for Their Professional Development in Pakistan

Abdul Hameed Lone, Muhammad Shakir, Jam M. Zafar


Abstract. The main purpose of the study was to critically analyze the relevancy and effectiveness of the training contents and process of the teaching profession; to assess training needs of university and college teachers in terms of conceptualizing new meanings of education and teaching profession. The population of the study consisted of thirty teachers from different departments of The Islamia University of Bahawalpur and ten teachers from different disciplines of graduate colleges of the province. Pre-Test and Post-Test were developed as a research instrument. The researcher participated in the workshop and observed its mechanism, content, lecturers, activities, and videoconferences and exchanged views with resource persons as well as participants of the workshop. A pre-test delivered to the participants for assessing their previous knowledge about concept and meaning of teaching profession, professional ethic, teachers’ personality, trends of education in 21st century, importance of change in teachers’ attitudes, different roles of a teacher, and application of new learning skills. At end of the workshop post-test was conducted to evaluate the outcomes of workshop. Researcher also observed the role of master trainer, trainee’s performance, instructional material, group activities, time management, venue and refreshment. The collected data through pre-test and post test was filtered and analyzed in qualitative way. The findings of the above analysis revealed that participants got an awareness of the impact of new approaches to teaching and learning in their institutions. However there is a considerable gap between awareness of the new trends, mastering and deeper understanding of these techniques. In the light of analysis of the research study it was found that trainees of the workshop gained enough knowledge about concept, roles, global trends in 21st century, principles and main factors of teaching profession. In the light of findings of the study it was concluded that workshop was effective and healthy practice for the participants in the perspectives of teaching profession. It was also concluded that teachers had developed a strong awareness about their roles and commitment to adopting a very positive teaching profession.  In the light of findings of the study it was recommended that such types of training work shop should be compulsory for every faculty member.

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