Strategies of Chinese translation of American teleplays based on Skopos Theory–A case study of American teleplay House of Cards

Shuyan YU, Shengli Wang, Yuying XIAO


With a wide spread of American teleplays in China, teleplay translation has become an urgent task for giving viewers access to teleplay appreciation. Based on Skopos Theory, this thesis carried out a tentative study on teleplay translation according to a case study of American teleplay House of Cards. The Skopos of teleplay is to provide, within the constraints of time and space, the well-translated teleplays which aid viewers to understand the content of teleplay well. In order to translate purposefully and fulfill the Skopos of the teleplay translation, translators have to adopt certain principles respecting the target culture and particular strategies in the process of teleplay translation. This essay discussed the characters and functions of teleplays as well as the detailed information of Skopos Theory. 

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