Accounting for Context beyond Domain: An Authentic Practice-based Framework for Advancing Personal Epistemology Research

Kacey Beddoes, Devlin Montfort, Shane Brown


This article presents a practice-based framework for personal epistemology (PE) research that advances recent efforts to broaden personal epistemology research. The framework accounts for empirical experiences and also contributes to on-going theoretical efforts to expand personal epistemology research. Building on the “practice turn” that other fields have taken and learned from, the purpose of this article is four-fold. First, it offers a conceptual framework that addresses theoretical and empirical limitations of personal epistemology as it is currently studied. Second, it advances PE research by highlighting the importance of heretofore ignored facets of PE, namely communities of practice, context, epistemic practices, and identity. Third, it advances PE research by adding to on-going conversations about the interrelatedness of dimensions of personal epistemologies. Fourth, it lays out a research agenda for personal epistemology research and concomitant methodological considerations, which have not yet received significant attention from PE researchers.

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