Strategic Management in the Implementation of Curriculum 2013 in Elementary School in Indonesia

Bettin Juniaria, Ahmad Sonhadji K.H., Imron Arifin, M. Huda A.Y


This study attempts at describing and explaining: (1) the strategic plan designing activity in  the implementation of the 2013 curriculum; (2) the implementation of the strategic plans in the implementation of the 2013 curriculum; and (3) the evaluation on the implementation of the 2013 curriculum. This study employed a qualitative approach using the multi-case study design and the constant comparative method. The results of this study show that: (1) the strategic plans of the curriculum 2013 implementation was designed through these following steps; planning, the first step of the designing activity. (2) the implementation of the strategic plans which included 5 activities which were designing the curriculum documents, enhancement of teachers and employees’ competences, the fulfillment of facilities, funding, and the improvement of school culture. (3) the evaluation on the curriculum implementation was done to measure the degree of success, problems, and solutions for the problems. By finding the solutions, problems faced by the schools can be regularly solved to prevent them from affecting the teaching and learning activities.

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