Developing of Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Era of Asean Economic Community in Vocational High School

Jahani Nurhanifa, Hady Efendy


The entrepreneurship vocational school program is based on national policy points in the field of education contained in the National Medium Term Development Plan (PRJMN) document 2015 to 2019. To implement the entrepreneurship Vocational High School (SMK) program as related to the achievement of national policy in the field of education, especially that leads to the formation of character with the formation of attitudes and entrepreneurship attitudes of participants Educate in the management of education is expected to be able to find a better management of education strategy so as to produce output of quality education both viewed from academic and non academic quality. To be a successful entrepreneur, the main requirement is to have an entrepreneurial spirit and character. The entrepreneurial spirit and character are influenced by skill, ability, or competence. School or educational institution becomes a very strategic place to grow entrepreneurial talent. Facing the ASEAN Economic Community required human resources who are committed in entrepreneurs. So entrepreneurship education becomes one of the strategy effort in responding to the challenge. This article is descriptive analytic that is using the theories of experts to give an idea that the importance of entrepreneurship education in building entrepreneurship intentions of vocational students. So in the implementation of entrepreneurship education can be done through an integrated subjects as a force in the development of entrepreneurial interest. Building an intention in the entrepreneurship education process can be influenced by various factors such as internal factors, external and contextual. Therefore, to encourage the incidence of vocational students in entrepreneurship after graduation needs to get support from all parties, until the birth of intention that will be a reflection of the behavior of the real entrepreneur.

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