Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sustainability in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria

Kofo A Aderogba



The enhancement of the greenhouse effect in driving increases in temperature and many other changes associated with climate have become great concern to research. The objective of this paper is to estimate the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in Lagos Metropolis. Literatures on road and air travels were read; and also journal articles on pollution and greenhouse gases, global warming and climate change. Newspaper cuttings, magazines, and electronic media sources of data and information were used. Trends in the growth and development of railway locomotives, marine activities, vehicular movements and air travels in the metropolis were studied and correlated with the estimated greenhouse gases emitted. There is positive correlation. Vehicular movements and air travels have increased by over 50% in the last twenty years. Greenhouse gases are increasing by the day. There must be deliberate checks on gas emission from automobiles, plants and machineries and in the aviation industry.  The world is not at rest to arrest the effects of climate change and global warming.  Nigeria and Nigerians and particularly Lagosian, the government and research institutions should be parts of the efforts.


Key words: Greenhouse Gas, Emissions, Predicaments, Economic Value, Lagos Metropolis.

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