The Study of Indicators of Effective Lecturers from the Viewpoint of Students (Case Study: University of Payame Noor of Kurdistan)

Anwar Shahmohammadi, Yaaghob Ahmadi, Maryam Mahdiaraghi


The high education state need to determine the indicators to evaluating their trainers function that one of the basic problems in universities is lack of indicators of effective lecturers. One of the most important methods to determine these indicators is public poll students.

This study is done due to determining the indicators of effective lecturers in student’s viewpoint of Payame Noor University in Kurdistan province at 20010-2011 academic years. This study is done in the measuring method and it is statistical society for all of Payame Noor University students in Kordestan province that 360 people among Sanandaj, Saghez and Ghorveh College are collected as sample using of cluster–sampling method. Data collecting tools was inquiries that were made by researcher. The various methods such as descriptive statistic were used to analyze the data. In student’s opinion the indicators of teaching methods, communication, knowledge-seeking, personal characteristic have allocated the most important indicators’ of effective lecturers to itself. Regarding to achieve results, it seems necessary that country’s directors notice to the planning of workshops for lecturers and available indicators at the time of evaluation of lecturers.


Kay words: Effective lecturer's, Effective Teaching, Payame Noor University, Qualities lecturer, Effectiveness Method.


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