Impact of Stress on Students Academic Performance at Secondary School Level at District Vehari

Muhammad Saqib, Kaleem Ur Rehman


The title of the existing topic is “Impact of stress on student’s academic performance at secondary school level”. The important motives of this study are to explore the stress impact on the students’ academic performance. Stress has a key role in student’s academic performance. This study was to focus on the negative impact on the student’s academic performance. The purposes of the study were to investigate; firstly, the type of stress linked with student’s performance; secondly, to evaluate the impact of stress on the academic performances of students; and thirdly, differentiate the impacts of stress on the academic performances of both gender students. To achieve the above-mentioned objectives of the study, the researcher can suggest a reasonable solution for the impact of stress on student’s academic performance. The data collected for this topic, has been gathered from all the secondary schools in District Vehari.  In this study the researcher was taken a sample of (n=10) secondary schools from each Tehsil of District Vehari. The researcher was further divided (n=10) secondary schools into two groups (n=5) males and (n=5) female secondary schools. The researcher was taken (n=15) students from each secondary school selected as sample. The researcher was used simple random sampling technique for data collection. Five points Likert-scale used in this research. 99% respondents are responding about the factor of stress impact on their academic performance. After collecting data, it was analyzed by using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20. The tool (questionnaire) used for the collection data was 0.850 Cronbach alpha. In this study, different tests were applied as to factor analysis and regression. Generally, the major findings of study divulged that there are significant impacts of stress on student’s academic performance. This study concluded that major factors of stress among the students are teacher and parents.

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