The Philosophy across Disciplines based on the Nature of Specific Knowledge

Nurul Ashikin Amir Khairul Anuar, Aminuddin Hassan, Norhasni Zainal Abiddin


This paper attempts to explore the perspective of philosophy of education from Home Economics subjects. Home Economics subjects that are part of the education curriculum in Malaysia have a clear direction and strategy in realizing the nation's desire to produce balanced and highly skilled human resources. Home Economics is not a trashy subject to be underestimated because, ironically, it supports the philosophy and ideals towards the nation's ambition. Without philosophy, there is no path that can be used as a guide to strengthen the actions and direction of educational philosophy. And without that support, the struggle of technical and vocational education can’t give an impact on the industry and accomplish the aspirations of the nation as a whole. From the perspective of philosophy, the arguments in explaining the importance of knowledge of Home Economics will also be discussed in this paper.


Keywords: philosophy, education; home economic; technical and vocational education


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