Impact of Service Quality on Students’ Satisfaction in a Ghanaian Public Tertiary Institution

E. F. ESHUN, A. K. Badu, P. Korwu


This study aims at exploring the relationship between service quality dimensions and overall service quality dimensions (tangibility, responsiveness, reliability, assurance and empathy) and students satisfaction. Additionally, this study also looks at the critical factors in service quality dimensions that contribute most to the satisfaction of the students. The data was collected using a set of questionnaire from 798 undergraduate students who offered various bachelor degrees in a public higher education institution in Ghana. The study provides empirical evidences of these relationships. The results of this study affirms the results of Parasuraman’s SERVQUAL (1985) study, which related to the factors contributing to students’ satisfaction. The outcome of the study amplifies the assertion that service quality (tangibility, responsiveness, reliability, assurance and empathy) has a positive impact on student’s overall satisfaction.

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