Measuring Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCB) in Secondary Schools in Pakistan and a Comparison with Factors of a School Growth Mindset Culture

Muhammad Niqab, Janet Hanson, Arthur Bangert, Sathiamoorthy Kannan, Sailesh Sharma, Abdul Ghaffar


The study adds important contributions to the research literature on organizational citizenship behavior by providing empirical evidence of the leader’s influence as a factor in the development of OCB at the organizational level in government schools (n=34) in Pakistan. Research has shown that where OCB is present, both teachers and leaders increase work diffusion and move toward increasing productivity in their schools. This study meets the current need for reliable measures that operationalize constructs, such as OCB, by testing the validity and reliability of a new measurement scale for school level OCB; using SEM methods and survey responses from secondary school teachers (n= 408). Results revealed the survey reliably operationalizes school level OCB using three-factors named shared leadership, civic virtue, and collaborative problem solving. These factors compared favorably to the construct of a school growth mindset. Implications for schools include directing resources at professional development to increase the school leader’s capacity to promote OCB in their schools.

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