Family Adherence on Children’s Preventive Measures on the Protection of Children

Intisar Turki Al-darabah, Reham Al-Mouhtadi, Khaled Mohamad Hamaden


The aim of this study was to identify the impact of family adherence to preventive measures on protecting children aged 2 to 4 years from accidents inside and outside the home in the southern governorates of Jordan. The researcher was used descriptive approach design, as the sample of the study was 1200 mothers who have children aged 2-4 years in the southern governorates of Jordan (Karak, Tafilah, Ma'an and Aqaba). The study discussed the main accidents that a child may be exposed to including burning, suffocation, fall, poisoning, drowning, electrical, and other accidents such as road traffic accidents, glass-related accidents, sharp tools accidents, and strangulation including blind cords. The results revealed that most women were found to have poor knowledge regarding children accidents prevention. In addition, the result showed that there were a significant differences between the training course and the mother education on the protection of children aged 2 to 4 years from accidents in the southern governorates. Moreover, the results showed that the age of mother has an impact difference were the younger mothers were more follow the prevention measures in the protection of children. The resulte revealed that "Other Accidents (road traffic, glass-related, sharp tools and strangulation including blind cords)" was high scour between the seven accidents among the mothers on the southern governorates of Jordan. The researcher recommended that the importance of educating mothers about the need to adhere to preventive measures to protect children from accidents that may occur inside and outside the home.

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