Fear Culture II

Miss Nevin Mert


What is fear? Is it something innate or learned or ever something very complex to understand? Fear takes an important place in human lives, and it also has different definitions. Even though we experience and use the concept such as fear, we do not exactly know what fear ever means. However, why do we experience fear? So, this research is done in order to understand the concept of fear in more detailed. The purpose of the study is to see what kind of fear types do we have, and where fear ever comes from. In the research we explain fear in terms of developmental, humanistic, behaviourist, social aspects and also in terms of public relations. Since this study is done in Turkey, the issues are taken according to Turkish culture as well. However, the aim of the study is to make observation on the issue whether Turkey experiences fear or not. On the other words, whether Turkey is a “fear culture” in its own. In order to observe it (whether Turkey is a fear culture or not), we used the cultural aspects of the particular regions such as the observations of West and East parts of the country. The findings showed that even though the fear does exist, the types and reasons of fear show huge differences.


Keywords: Fear; Fear Types; Turkey as a Fear Culture

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v2i2.1547


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