A Proposed Invention in Science Labs (ISL) Framework for Teaching Science

Mustafa Jwaifell, Osama M. Kraishan


The proposed Invention in Science Labs (ISL) framework conceptualizes invention within science labs through four elements representing phases of reaching inventions in a group context: Theoretical thinking: fluency, flexibility, and originality, solution, materials and context. Four phases should lead to a product that can be commercialized, while the whole process monitored through four procedures under the teacher's supervising the activities: Objectives, Procedures, Discussion, and Evaluation. The study listed the challenges faced during the implementation of ISL which can be overcome if policy makers have the awareness of using ISL in teaching, while teachers can change their approaches of instruction when they have the opportunity to practice it. Besides, the Jordanian Ministry of Education in general can conduct contests between students and schools to have more inventions which encourages using ISL framework. The study also proposed appropriate solutions for overcoming those challenges.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v9i4.15658