Customer Service Quality Perception of Internet Banking

M. Taimoor Hassan, Aqeel Mukhtar, Rana Kaleem Ullah, Huzaifah Shafique, Shafi Ur Rehmna, Abia Anwar


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to find out the determinants that mainly affect the customer service quality perception of internet banking amongst genders and different age groups.

Design/methodology/approach: Sample of 120 internet banking customers was used to gather data, which was further utilized to find out how 8 major determinants affect the customer service quality perception of internet banking.

Findings: The research found that Web design, security, trust, product diversification, credibility, collaboration, access and communication strongly affect the customer perception about the quality of internet banking service.

Research limitations/ implication: The data was gathered from the banks in Bahawalpur which limited the scope of this study particularly to this region so future research can be done to gathered data from all over the Pakistan so that the cross cultural factors could be identified clearly.

Keywords:                  Service Quality Perception, Dimensions of Internet Banking, Bahawalpur.


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