A Multicultural Citizenship Education Program Through a Virtual Learning Environment Platform: A Greek Study Under the EU ISOTIS Project

Konstantinos N. Vasileiadis, Evdoxia D. Kompiadou, Konstantinos A. Tsioumis, Konstantinos Petrogiannis


The article presents the activities taken place to design and implement activities that meet the criteria, aims and goals of ISOTIS project that aims to contribute to effective policy and practice development at different system levels in order to effectively combat early arising and persisting educational inequalities. We focus on the procedures and theoretical framework that the Greek team, as partner of ISOTIS project adopted to support diverse families both linguistically and culturally, to create effective and inclusive curricula and moreover to develop educational policy to combat educational inequalities. In this paper we introduce the criteria for selecting the sites according to the demographic and their pedagogical characteristics, the teacher’s experience, the children’s needs and the main issues, challenges and arguments for the co-design phase and the main principles and shared ideas according to ISOTIS criteria. This paper highlights positive family/parent-teacher interactions through ICT technologies, fostering to improve and promote inclusiveness and belongingness. Our theoretical framework lays in critical multicultural citizenship education and democratic governance in schools. 

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v10i1.16041


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