An Investigation and Countermeasures on the Cultural Adaptation of African Students in China

Xinxin Jin, Rabnawaz Khan, Wu Xiao Feng


Culture adaption is based on norms, customs and language, which entails moving from different classes and voluntary immigration. This qualitative and quantitative research paper is exploring the new ideas and fondness of interchange personalities of students, who are studying in different universities and in different cities of Jiangsu province. The empirical analysis of this study is investigated that those African students who have a well-educated and oriented in their own specialization but still in case of language they have faced some tactical challenges with different race and nations. Furthermore, the African students not directly integrate with Chinese culture comparatively other nations of students. However, some proposals will be offered to help African students’ living and learning. Additionally, to develop the relationship by state with new ideas and to improve the business policies from African countries.

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