Special Working Women: Problems at offices in Islamabad, Pakistan

Syed Rashid Ali, Safi Hazra, Dr. Mussawar Shah, M. Abdullah, M. Imran, Arshad Khan Bangash


This study aims to investigate the effects of problems and difficulties faced by special working women at offices in Islamabad, Pakistan. For this purpose four institutions from the Ministry of Social welfare were selected for carrying out the present study. Eight special working women were employees in these four selected institutions, all of them were interviewed. A case study method was used to highlight the issue. During literature review it was found that till this time no special policy is formulated for special working women by the Government of Pakistan. The results of the study showed that special working women faced somewhat attitudinal problems in offices. Their suggestions are not valued by the high-ups during meetings at offices. Government buildings are not constructed according to their disabilities. Homes are neither constructed by the concerned ministry according to special persons needs and nor near to offices.

Key words: special working women, disabilities, problems, office.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v2i2.1634


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