Factors Affecting Nursing Student’s Satisfaction with E- Learning Experience in King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia

Wafaa Gameel Mohamed Ali


Background; the use of information technology and the internet as teaching and learning tool is rapidly expanding into today’s learning environments. Education institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) are preparing students for a rapidly changing information and technology driven world. The KSA needs graduates who are ready for the workplace and who have a high level of knowledge and confidence in the use of technology to help them in their lifelong learning. Since e- learning is conducted using the Internet and World Wide Web, the learning environment becomes more complicated. Students’ initial perceived satisfaction with technology-based e- learning will determine whether they will use the system continually. So this study aimed to assess perceived e-learner satisfaction and investigate the preceding factors influence on nursing students’ satisfaction with e-learning experience in King Khalid University.  Subjects: A convenience sample of 135 female nursing students affiliated to University Center for Female Studies, King Khalid University was enrolled in this study. Tool: data were collected by using three tools. The first was concerned with collecting data related to sample characteristics, the second concerned with identifying the factors that may affect the e–learner satisfaction with e–learning. The third concerned with measuring the learner satisfaction with e–learning. Results; revealed that 61.5% of participant students were unsatisfied with their e-learning experience and learner attitude towards computer, learners’ computer anxiety, e-learning course flexibility, e- learning course quality, technology quality, perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, diversity in assessment, and learner perceived interaction with others were the critical factors affecting learners’ perceived satisfaction. Recommendation &implications: Helping students build their confidence in using computers will make e- learning more enjoyable. Also course content should be relevant, logically organized, easy to use, carefully designed, and presented sparingly. The results show institutions how to improve learner satisfaction and further strengthen their e- learning implementation.

Key words: E-learning, E- learner Satisfaction, Factors Affecting E- learner Satisfaction.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v2i2.1666


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