Career Services Provision to Secondary School Students in Tanzania: Is it a dream or Reality?

Nkuba Mabula


Career services provision include all actions which deal with giving students information and psychological assistance that may directly affect their decisions and choices which these individuals are about to make on their schooling and employment. The purpose of this study was to examine the status of career services provision and its role on career decision making among high school students in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania by comparing career services provision in government and international schools. Specifically, the study intended to identify the career programs available to students in schools, students’ career knowledge and the contribution of career programs and career knowledge to students’ career decision making. The study was conducted in six secondary schools using a sample of 322 students. The data from students were collected through a structured questionnaire and focus group discussions. The results revealed that students in international schools had access to many career programs and they have better knowledge on careers as compared to students in government schools. It was therefore concluded that, career services provision in international schools is to some degrees a reality as opposed to government schools where career services provision is still a dream. It is suggested that, future research can observe the role of career services provision in secondary schools to students’ ability to make relevant course choices in higher learning institutions.

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