Impeding Factors Towards the Effectiveness of Online Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic among Social Sciences Students

Mohamad Faizal Ramli, Muhammad Majid, Basri Badyalina


During the COVID-19 pandemic, higher learning institutions switched from the traditional face-to-face teaching method to online based teaching. Even though the country is facing crisis due to the pandemic, teaching can still be conducted through online platform. It offers flexibility to both students and academicians. However, online learning is believed to reduce the students’ motivation, performance and lead to mental health problems. To reduce these issues, this study was conducted to determine the impeding factors towards the effectiveness of online learning. The respondents consists of 267 social sciences students. Three impeding factors were discussed which are accessibility, social and academician capability factor. The descriptive findings determined that accessibility factor was the main impeding factor towards the effectiveness of online learning. Thus, the roles of government, university and telecommunication firm are important to reduce the issues of internet access, internet data cost and lack of technology devices. Consequently, the students’ motivation and performance during online learning can be enhanced.

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