MOODLE Platform Evaluation in the Light of E-Learning Sites Standards from the Point of View of College of Basic Education Students in The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training in Kuwait

Abdul Aziz Dakhil Al-Anzi


The Study aimed at MOODLE platform evaluating educational website standards through the student's viewpoints who study in the Faculty of Basic Education in the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training in Kuwait. The study used the descriptive survey method. To evaluate MOODLE educational platform, the researchers developed a list of standards consisted of (30) items divided into five domains. The randomly selected study sample consisted of (392) students. The results showed that the evaluation of MOODLE educational platform in light of E-learning sites standards came with a medium degree, they are available to an acceptable degree, and the mean of the tool as a whole was (3.55) by 71%, and the domains rank in order were; the domain of vitality came first with a mean of (3.75) by 74%, while the educational value domain came second with (3.70) by 74%. In contrast, the content domain came third with a mean of (3.48) by 69.6%, while the usage characteristics domain came with (3.47) by 69.4%, where the usage domain came last with a mean of (3.46) by 69.2%. Results also revealed no statistically significant differences (a = 0.05) attributed to the effect of Gender in all domains and the full degree.

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