The Effect of Gender and Online Collaborative Learning Strategy to Student Learning Motivation

Dwi Sulisworo


The purpose of this paper is to focus on the effectiveness of online collaborative learning especially using the wiki to improve student learning motivation. This paper also seek the possibility gender will affected to the learning motivation in this environment. The article explores for the possibility to design the collaborative learning on the Jig Saw technique framework using wiki.

The paper reports the findings from a quantitative research which had two independent variable i.e. gender and learning strategy. The control group was classroom based collaborative learning and the experimental group was online collaborative learning. The dependent variable was student motivation learning which measured by questionnaire. The proposed hypotheses were tested using two way ANOVA that to find the main effect of gender and learning strategy, and the interaction of both variables.

The findings of this research is that gender did not give significant effect to student learning motivation. But, learning strategy gave the significant effect to student learning strategy which the online collaborative learning had better effect to the motivation than classroom based collaborative learning.  Both independent variable had slight interaction but statistically not significant. The results presented here will assist researchers, teachers or lecturers, and higher-education administrators to take the beneficial of the wiki to improve student learning motivation that would increase the learning performance as well.

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