Mismanagement of Solid Waste & its Impact on the Environment of Peshawar City

Obaid-ur- Rehman, Syed Jamil Hassan Kazmi, Anwar Alam


The purpose of the study is to investigate reasons, types and workable for the disposal of wastes in Peshawar city with special emphasis on Municipal Corporation, Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) and local govt. The focus of the study is to ensure proper management of solid waste and cleanliness of the targeted areas. The data was collected through pre-designed questionnaire and interview schedule. The major sources of demographic data are census, sample surveys, demographic yearbook, statistical handbook, national and international publications. (Alam: 2006). Board, Karkhano and Hayat Abad Phase III were the targeted area of the study. A sample of size 300 was selected out of 37,839 population in three target areas i.e. Board 96 out of 12,164, Hayat Abad Phase III 121 out of 15,281, and Karkhano 83 out of 10,394 through proportion allocation method of sampling.

The results of the study indicated that Local government has no proper planning, for the disposal of solid waste. The  residents  have no awareness for the proper disposal of the solid wastes.  Population is directly proportion to the increase in solid wastes mismanagement, more over Afghan Refugees has accelerated the solid waste mismanagement in the area.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v2i4.2213


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