Impact of Workers’ Training on Industrial Strikes in Nigeria

Akintayo Dayo Idowu


This study investigated the impact of workers` training programmes on industrial strike reduction among industrial workers in Nigeria. This is for the purpose of ascertaining the relevance of workers` training programmes, as an alternative approach to human capital formation, to industrial strike reduction among industrial workers in Nigeria. A total of 230 respondents were selected for the study using stratified sampling technique to reflect the two strata of public and private organizations. Two sets of questionnaire, with three subscales, titled ‘Workers Training Programmes Scale (WTPS) and Industrial Strike Reduction Scale (CRS) were used for data collection. All the hypothesized research questions were examined using Regression Analysis and t-test statistical methods at 0.05 alpha levels. The finding revealed that workers` training programmes (taken together) had significantly influenced industrial strike reduction among industrial workers. It was also found that only three independent variables (conflict skill, communication skill and interpersonal relations skill training programmes) have significantly influenced industrial strike reduction. However, it was found that management skill and computer skill training programmes were not as significant in influencing industrial strike reduction in selected work organizations. Also, there was no significant difference in the level of female and male workers` participation in workers` training programmes in both public and private organizations selected for the study. Based on the findings of study, it is recommended that workers` training programmes should be given priority by all establishments in order to forestall industrial peace for all levels of workers. Also, training needs of the organization as well as that of workers must be identified before making recommendations for training. This will possibly foster specialization and encourage technical-driven training in work organizations.


Key Words: Workers, Training Programmes, Industrial strike reduction, Organizations,


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