Perspectives of University Graduates about benefits of National Internship Program & the Perceived Impact of its Discontinuation

Dr. Asif Jamil, Uzma Kareem, Malik Amer Atta, Muhammad Hafeez-ur- Rehman, Muhammad Younis Khan, Tahirullah Jan


The study aimed at investigating the benefits or otherwise of National Internship Programme of Pakistan as perceived by the graduates of Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan. Another area of investigation was to ascertain the impact of discontinuation of the Programme. The findings of this research indicated that National Internship Programme has been successful in terms of providing professional knowledge, hands on experience, financial support, exposure to the main stream job market as well as employment opportunities to the internees. The Program changed the perception of the students’ altogether, which were now beginning to appreciate all the possible benefits resulting from the programme. The discontinuation of the National Internship programme has been seen as a step that will not only put a stop to all the benefits that were being derived by the internees but it will also be a contributing factor towards lack of professional development, less financial independence and increased levels of un-employment for the fresh graduates. The study strongly recommends allocating additional resources to fund similar internship programs, improving program flexibility and further encouraging student participation.


Keywords: National Internship Programme, Graduates, Benefits, Discontinuation

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