Comparative Study of the Professional Attitudes of Prospective Teachers Recruited in Regular and Distance Education Programmes

Uzma Kareem, Dr Asif Jamil, Malik Amer Atta, Mohammad Younis Khan, Tahirullah Jan


Lack of professional attitude in teachers is the burning issue nowadays. The study was done in order to judge whether this difference results due to changed methodology of teaching in distance and regular programmes. The prime focus was on doing a comparative analysis of the professional attitude among the students enrolled in regular and distance) programmes (B.Ed and M.Ed level) in IER, Gomal University and reasons for the differences. Research findings revealed that students enrolled in regular programmes show high levels of professionalism as compared to distance education students. Similarly B.Ed students enrolled in regular programmes showed the highest levels of professional attitude.

Keywords:      Professional attitude, Distance Education, Regular Education, Prospective Teachers

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