Leadership and its Influence in Organizations – A Review of Intellections

Akbar Ali


The objective of writing this paper is to understand theories and concept that how should a leadership be working, and influence the personnel to reach out a common cause.  Northhouse (2004) delivered four very common themes i.e. leadership is a process, it involves influence, it occurs in group context and involves goal attainment.  Similarly wisdom from many eminent scholars has been explored to comprehend that how a leader should perform in the organization to achieve the goals efficiently and effectively.  One very important and innovative responsibility has been extended towards the leaders in organizations i.e. he has to convert himself from Boss to COGAL which stands for “Creators of Growth and Learning” through adopting a mechanism of learning of skills, competencies and good behaviors, leaders can be developed in the organizations who subsequently can really make the difference. This responsibility towards getting high degree of performance lies not only with the overall administration but as well on each of the manager in the unit.

Key Words: Influence, Wisdom, Competencies, COGAL, Performance and Mechanism.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v2i6.2690


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