Comparison of the Responses of Teacher Trainers and Researcher’s Classroom Observation on the Effectiveness of Teacher Training Program in Pakistan

Dr Tehseen Tahir, Peter Charles Taylor


This research has been designed to cover the following objectives (1) To find out the perceptions of teacher trainers about essential classroom skills being stressed during the teacher training program. (2)To determine if there are discrepancies between skills are being developed during the teacher training program and skills actually being used in the classroom. (3) To identify the problems in acquiring and implementing the essential classroom skills by the trainees teachers. The study was conducted in KPK, the province of Pakistan. Two Districts were randomly chosen from the province. Ten percent Govt. Secondary Schools Ten percent teachers were chosen from the sampled teachers for researcher’s classroom observation who were teaching the subjects of Urdu, pak.Studies and Islamic studies at secondary level. An equal number of teacher trainers were taken from each District.

A questionnaire was designed to get the responses of the teacher trainers. A checklist was constructed to carry out classroom observation of the teachers teaching in the classroom and to see the effectiveness of teacher training program (B.Ed). Data collected through research instruments were analyzed by using mean score, t-test. It was concluded that majority of the teachers prepared the lesson objectives before going to their classes. Majority of the teachers lacked the skill of identifying misbehaviors. The teachers were trained in the Traditional methods. The Teacher Training Programs were heavily loaded with theoretical information and the teachers were unable to use modern methodologies.

It was recommended that the Teacher Training Institutions be equipped with the latest technologies to equip the teachers with latest techniques and teaching methodologies. The teachers may be provided appropriate training in the area of classroom management and evaluation.

Key words: Teacher Trainers, Effectiveness, Observation, Teacher Training Program

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