An Application of the Theory of Planned behavior (TBP) in describing Customers’ Use of Cash Cards in Points of Sale (POS)

Mohammad Haghighi, Elnaz Rahrovy, Hadi Vaezi


This paper aims to investigate the use of cash cards in points of sale (POS), applying the theory of planned behavior. A field survey was conducted in Tehran, Iran. Data was collected and analyzed from 163 customers who have referred to chain stories in the area of Tehran. Findings indicate that the theory of planned behaviour is a suitable instrument to predict using cash cards by customers. In addition, multiple regression analysis revealed that attitude towards cash cards, subjective norms and perceived behavioural control have a positive and significant impact on intention to use cash cards by customers. Managers should consider various facets of customer decision-making process and try to enhance quality of provided payment services to satisfy customers.

Key­words: Cash card, Consumer behavior, Service quality, Tehran

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