Historical Perspectives of Business Education at the Higher Learning Institutions and Skills Development for Industry in Cambodia

Hum Chan, Abdul Aziz Ab Latif


The primary purpose of this essay is to extend the literature of business education at the higher learning institutions and skills development for industry in Cambodia. Especially, the essay stresses on how business education was developed, practiced, declined, destructed and reemerged under social and political upheaval within three historical perspectives. Data used in this essay is mainly descriptive based on secondary data: books, articles, journal, reports, and so on. The study discovered that the development and practice of curriculum for higher learning institutions aimed to enhance different skills for students in each perspective. Prior to the protectorate, higher learning curriculum did not enhance business knowledge and skills, but occupational skills for rural life. Although the French protectorate brought light to business education and skills development, but it was in a narrow-based approach to enhance administrative skills for government system. Enjoyed great explosion of academics, industry and economy in Sihanouk regime, Cambodia’s higher education system, industry and economy were severe declined and destructed in Lon Nol and Khmer Rouge. Currently, new educational goal was established to articulate innovative and creative knowledge and skills to students for regional and global economy. Therefore, many business-related disciplines have been provided, for example, economics, management, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship and other. With the insightful accounts, the essay provides all relevant stakeholders: students, educational institutions, government agencies, business actors and researchers to be better aware so that they are able to prepare, create, cooperate and improve the business education curriculum to develop compatible skills for industry.

Keywords: Business Education, Higher Learning Institutions, Skills Development, Industry

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5296/ijld.v3i1.3074


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