The Effects of Dominant Ideology on Teachers’ Perceptions and Practices towards the “Other”

Konstantinos Nikolaos Vasileiadis, Konstantinos Alexandros Tsioumis, Argyris Kyridis


In this study the aim is to show the role of dominant ideology as a co –creative condition of teacher’s perceptions and their influences on the confronting and managing practices of the ‘Other’. According to the admission that the intercultural educational programs often downgraded and recanted by the dominant perceptions and ideology, this research attempts to highlight the impact of dominant ideology as the everyday, non-rethinking experienced ideology. We admit the negative role of dominant ideology as a director of teacher’s perceptions and practices. Using the conceptual framework (Multicultural Teacher Education Framework) that Cochran-Smith suggests, the research examines the teacher’s perceptions both about the ‘Other’, the school role and the cooperative culture development. The research took place in spring 2011. The 102 Greek teachers who participated in the research were asked to declare their acceptance degree for a number of perceptions and practices.

Keywords: dominant ideology, intercultural education, teacher’s perceptions

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