Demographic Predictors of Test Anxiety among Undergraduates

Samuel E. Oladipo, Adepeju Ogungbamila



Although test anxiety seems normal among students, excessive manifestation of it has been seen to affect academic performance negatively. The focus of this present study was to examine demographic factors that predict test anxiety among undergraduates Nigeria. A total of 281 participants were randomly selected for the study and the 20-item Suinn test anxiety behavior scale was administered on them. For analysis of data, correlation coefficient and t-test were used. The findings revealed that age and gender do not have significant correlation with anxiety; neither was there any significant difference among undergraduates’ anxiety scores based on their gender and age. It is therefore concluded that other variables apart from demographics may account for test anxiety among undergraduates in Nigeria. More research would need to be done in this area in order to ascertain the factors that may predict test anxiety among undergraduates in Nigeria.


Keywords: Test anxiety, Gender, age, undergraduate, University students.

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