An evaluation of the Effect of the Elements of the Resource-Based approach on the Expert Performance based on the focus Competitive Strategy in Non-Metal Mineral Industry

Kiumars Sharifi, Abdolhossein Karampour, Elnaz Rahrovy


The purpose of the research is to evaluate the effect of the elements of resource-based approach on the expert performance based on the focus competitive strategy in the non-metal mineral industry of the country. For this purpose, the approaches available in the areas determining the export performance were identified that included occasional approach, the approach of business interactions network, and the resource-based approach. In this study, using the resource-based approach, the researcher examines the relations between the elements of the resource-based approach of the organization, the competitive strategies and the performance that are the main components of the research. The research is to find that how the main elements of the resource-based approach lead directly and indirectly (through competitive strategies) to high levels of performance. The conceptual model of the present research combines indeed three main elements in the strategic management, i.e. the internal environment (resources, capabilities and competitive organizational systems), competitive distinction strategy and the export performance. 300 questionnaires were distributed, of which 285 questionnaires could be analyzed. According to the results, the competitive resources have the highest effect (39%) on the export performance and the focus strategy (63%).


Keywords: Competitive Resources, Competitive Capabilities, Organizational Systems, Focus Competitive Strategy, Export Performance

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