Family Planning Behaviours and Decision-Making among Couples in Cross River State, Nigeria

Undelikwo, Veronica Akwenabuaye, Osonwa, Okorie Kalu, Ushie, Mike Anake, Osonwa, Roy Happiness


This study was carried out to investigate family planning behaviours and decision-making among couples in Cross River State, Nigeria. The study employed the survey method and questionnaire were admitted to respondents. A combination of stratified, multi-stage and systematic sampling techniques were used to select a sample size of eight hundred and sixty respondents (men and women of reproductive ages) used for the study. Related literatures were reviewed and primary data constituted the inputs used for the analysis of data and test of hypotheses formulated. Frequency distribution tables, simple percentages, pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient and analysis of variance were used. The findings show that spousal communication and the involvement of men in family planning methods enhances the chances of fertility control and increases couples chances of happier life.


Keywords: Family Planning, Couples’ Behaviour, Decision, Contraceptive.

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