Suggested Mechanism for Producing Quality Research at Higher Educational Institutes in Pakistan; System, Structure, Culture and Leadership Issues

Muhammad Adnan Waseem, Bahaudin G Mujtaba, Huma Shakir



Purpose: This research was aimed at providing a mechanism for researchers to demystify the topic of producing a quality research and each person can autocorrect himself/herself.

Design/methodology/approach: The research was divided in two steps. In first step data (primary and secondary) were collected about quality research. In the second phase data about systems, structures and cultures currently prevailing in different universities of Pakistan were collected. The interviews were conducted from different senior professors, research students and librarians from the universities of Pakistani in cities of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Sargodha. These interviews were both structured and unstructured. The resulting analysis is done qualitatively.

Findings: The findings showed that quality research is not being produced, there are flaws in the existing system, and there is a lack of proper resources and facilities to produce quality research.

Practical Implications: Researchers can benefit from the findings as they will be able to produce better research papers and research institutes can try to give more importance to research facilities for quality research.

Originality: Value: The main value of this paper is to provide evidence for different facilities and removal of flaws in providing quality research.

Keywords: Quality Research, Research System, Research Facilities, Research Culture

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